Sheikh Wan Ahmad al-Fatani and the Malay Publications in the Middle East

  •  Ermy Azziaty Rozali    


The Middle East had become the focus for the Malays to gain education. However, the expansion of publication in Malay script do plays substantial role in the development of intellectual and knowledge. Renowned scholar, Sheikh Wan Ahmad al-Fatani acts by printing various works of Islamic knowledge into Malay script. It is said that he gained the capital and support from the Ottoman Dawlah. Under the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II (1876-1909) he was appointed as the supervisor of Matbaah al-Mirriyyah al-Kainah in Mecca. Financing from the Ottoman Dawlah helps the Malay script works to be printed on a large scale and disseminated throughout the Muslim world. Therefore, this paper is designated to study of Sheikh Wan Ahmad and expansion of publication in Malay printings script in the Middle East that produce significant contributions in the Malay World epistemology image formation within the Middle East region.


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