Systematic Management Mode of the State-Run Silk-Weaving Industry of the Song Dynasty

  •  Xin Cai    


Based on abundant documents evidences, this paper analyzes the systematic management mode of the state-runsilk-weaving industry in China of the Song dynasty. The obvious systematic characteristics can be described asdistribution, division and operation. The state-run silk-weaving industry is widely distributed in the capital cityand the areas where sericulture and silk weaving are already highly developed. It is clearly divided into weaving,dyeing, embroidering, clothing producing and silk articles manufacturing. The state-run silk-weaving industryhad the privilege to employ highly skillful craftsmen. The supervisors, designated by the government, controlledthe manufacturing process and the quality and quantity of the products. The study shows that, on the basis ofthousands of years accumulation, the state-run silk-weaving industry of the Song dynasty presented the all-rounddevelopment in ancient China, offering a reference for the Yuan, the Ming and the Qing dynasty.

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