Impact of Organizational Culture on Knowledge Management Process in Construction

  •  Katun M. Idris    
  •  Ali K. Nita    
  •  Aliagha U. Godwin    


One of the key global pressures of knowledge management practice is knowledge acquisition, creation, sharing,storing and dissemination. The global business is reflecting a throng of culture, leadership and culturalupbringings which warrant bringing into line consistent alterations in management of knowledge because ofdiversity of workforce in construction organization. Theoretically, the study predicts the empirical role of culture(managerial learning and trust) with reference to knowledge management process. This paper presents aknowledge management (KM) model that comprises a set of KM hypothesis model and measurement models forunderstanding and applying these KM models to boost the application of KM in the construction organization.76 private construction organization was investigated with 323 questionnaire surveys. A hypothesized model ofKM process and culture was tested using structural equation modelling approach and a proposed model wastherefore developed. Likewise, all fit indices for KM process and factor loadings shows the significant impact ofculture on KM process, leading to a thrifty model achievement. The study shows that culture demonstrated 0.73significant influence on the knowledge management process. The analysis revealed that managerial learning andtrust were key factors that impact positively on KM process within the construction organization underinvestigation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.