Applying Maturity Framework to US Cinema for Analyzing the Commercial Culture Industry

  •  Hyunjung Rhee    


In the 21st century, the culture industry is being focused as the core growth engine of the future because of itshigh value added potentials. At such time, it is important to map out a proper plan for flourishing the cultureindustry depending on the current situation of each nation. However, there is a difficult point in evaluating thecurrent culture itself in that it is abstruse due to its intangible value so that the necessity of analysis methoddevelopment only for culture industry is emphasized. This paper is aimed to suggest a potential framework inorder to estimate the quality of commercial culture within the framework of industry. For this purpose, weborrowed the concept of the maturity model, which has been generally applied for evaluating the quality of anintangible field. As a representative commercial culture, we chose the film industry for the analysis. Weestablished a maturity framework for commercial culture based on a case study of the US cinema industrialhistory as a representative free economic system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.