Family Background Risk Factors Associated with Domestic Violence among Married Thai Muslims Couples in Pattani Province

  •  Kasetchai Laeheem    
  •  Kettawa Boonprakarn    


This study examined family background risk factors associated with domestic violence among married ThaiMuslim couples in Pattani Province. The informants were 1,536 wives who were representatives of their families.The R program was used for data analysis to determine the frequency, percentage, chi-square value, odds value,and logistic coefficient. The results were that 38.3 percent of the Thai Muslim couples in Pattani Province useddomestic violence, and the risk factors of family background found to be associated with domestic violence at asignificance level of .001 were four variables: strict upbringing, violent behavior in childhood, witnessingparents quarreling in childhood, and violent behavior in childhood. The married couples with chances to usedomestic violence were as follows: those who witnessed their parents quarreling in childhood regularly (2.46times); once in while (1.73 times); had severe punishment in their childhood regularly (0.65 times); once in awhile (0.51 times); had very strict upbringing (0.53 times); had moderately strict upbringing (0.41 times); hadviolent behavior in childhood regularly (0.52 times); and once in a while (0.43 times), respectively. The resultsof this study would be beneficial in forming policy and taking preventive measures for children witnessing theirparents quarreling in order to end the cycle of domestic violence.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.