A Review of HRM Practices and Labor Productivity: Evidence from Libyan Oil Companies

  •  Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed    
  •  Mahazan Abdul Mutalib    
  •  Adel M. Abdulaziz    
  •  Mikail Ibrahim    
  •  Nasser Ahmed Nasser Habtoor    


The aim of this study is to review how human resource management (HRM) practice influences laborproductivity in oil companies in Libya. This study brought the fact that due to the distinct features of oilcompanies, common discourses of MRM very often ruled out. In addition, this study focused that HRM isapplied at the micro level, which influences the labor productivity in oil companies. Nevertheless, the crucialdeterminants for fostering labor productivity are not individual level of HRM practice, instead themacroeconomic aspects such as political instability and quality of governance and diplomatic relation. Therefore,this study prescribes a holistic approach, which is that along with micro level of HRM practice and political andmacroeconomic stability are crucially important to foster labor productivity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.