Research on Professional Life Quality of Preschool Teachers in Chinese Poverty Counties: Job Satisfaction’ Perspective

  •  Kongchao He    
  •  Min Li    
  •  Yongbo Zhang    
  •  Xiaoping Yang    


Preschool teachers’ job satisfactions are the core representation of teachers’ professional life quality. Throughevaluating the preschool teachers’ job satisfactions in Chinese poverty counties, we can predict the level ofpreschool teachers’ professional living quality in poverty-stricken areas. Taken 110 teachers in Poverty County Fas sample, using questionnaire and interview, it is concluded that: the overall situation of job satisfaction ofpreschool teachers in poverty-stricken areas is still insufficient ideal, the dissatisfaction of economic income andworking conditions are still most prominent phenomenon. In order to improve preschool teachers’ jobsatisfaction working in remote poverty counties, thus enhancing the preschool education quality in impoverishedareas, it is urgent to promote the level of teachers’ salaries and make kindergarten physical environment better.Meanwhile, improving leadership style, building good working atmosphere in preschools and then increasingteachers’ in-service training opportunities are also important.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.