The Role of HR Managers: A Conceptual Framework

  •  Bahare Ghalamkari    
  •  Negar Mahmoodzadeh    
  •  Nouredin Barati    
  •  Aliyu Isah-Chikaji    
  •  Ahmed Umar Alkali    
  •  Roya Anvari    


In the process of decentralization, the role of Human Resource (HR) Manager has changed from having overallresponsibility for employees to having responsibility for the management of the organization. Despite theaforementioned fact, a gap in the knowledge can be detected in the field of systematic evaluations of the claimsthat it is linked to effectiveness and doubts. This review has determined influence of HR practices on the threebasic patterns base on Resource based view. Further studies need to be established to study other importantfactors involved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.