Examining Young Malaysians Travel Behaviour and Expenditure Patterns in Domestic Tourism

  •  Lim Khong Chiu    
  •  Kamal Izzuwan Ramli    
  •  Noor Suhaila Yusof    
  •  Cheah Swee Ting    


Young travellers, though restricted by relatively low levels of disposable income, are commonly having highinterest and leisure time in exploring new destinations. It has been found that young travellers have highexpectations regarding the importance of value for money though they have their financial resources availablefor travelling. Therefore, it has raised questions on the worthiness of carrying out a study about the travelbehaviour and expenditure patterns among the young travellers in Malaysia. The study employed a surveyquestionnaire to collect data, which was adapted from standardized measures. A total of 643 respondents, whichhas been randomly selected in the Northern States of Malaysia were involved in the study. The completedquestionnaires were analysed to measure the variables of the study consisted of selected socio-demographic,travel behaviour and expenditure patterns. This study found the expenditure patterns of the young travellers varywith regards to the purchase of tourism products. In addition, the results of the study also portrayed thedifferences of selected travel-related characteristics of young travellers in relation to the purpose of travel. Thus,this study may provide information which will help tourism marketers to develop marketing tools to satisfy andfulfill those young tourists’ needs and understand certain reasons behind their spending patterns.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.