Perceptions of Consumer Impulse Buying Behavior in the Super Store: A Case Study of Some Selected Super Store in Bangladesh

  •  Md. Alauddin    
  •  Md. Musharof Hossain    
  •  Md. Ibrahim    
  •  Md. Ariful Hoque    


Super stores are playing a key role in the field of shopping in Bangladesh. The popularity of super stores isincreasing day by day in our country and consumers are becoming more habituated to buying from here. Today’sconsumers are also very much concern about food items. They want fresh, hygienic and healthy foods. So, superstores have become a great source for the consumers to get these items of foods. This paper is an attempt toinvestigate the factors that affect consumer impulse buying behavior at superstores in Bangladesh. Surveymethodology was used to collect the data from 100 respondents by adopting simple random sampling technique.The study found that many factors were responsible for this changing buying behavior such as: in storeatmosphere, point of purchase display, convenience, location, product characteristics, product quality,availability of branded items, store size, store image, variety seeking, discounts, stock outs, packaging, in storedisplay etc. All of the characteristics are subject to consideration while making a purchase. Specifically plannedpurchase, generally planned purchase, substitute products all have an impact on impulse buying. The paper willbe useful for marketing practitioners and researchers towards comprehensive understanding of the consumer’simpulsiveness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.