Promoting International Education for Indigenous Elementary Schools in Taiwan: School Principals’ Perspectives

  •  Shan-Hua Chen    


Globalization has led governments to promote international education to strengthen students’ cultural integrationand international perspective. To boost social equity and justice, Taiwan’s government focuses internationaleducation efforts on indigenous schools to promote indigenous students’ competitiveness. This research exploredthe significance of international education in different hierarchies (students, schools, ethnicities, and societallevels) to identify the relative goals and comparative relationships of different aspects of international education.What effect does this international education policy have and how is its importance weighted toward differentlevels? Using the analytic hierarchy process, questionnaires were administered to elementary school principals,and level weights were used to determine the relative weights of the purposes of international education. Thecorrespondence analysis (CA) also explored the relationship between the purposes and strategies of internationaleducation. Finally, suggestions for schools’ practices in international education are offered.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.