Migration as a Social Problem

  •  Albina Nesterova    
  •  Tatjana Suslova    
  •  Mihail Tsyiganov    
  •  Natal'ya Kobzeva    


This article analyzes psychological problems of migrants and migration as a process. Using the method of the survey revealed some features of the attitude of Muscovites and residents of Moscow region towards migrants. The study which purpose was to identify the views of the indigenous population about the migratory situation in the city of Moscow and the Moscow region is described. The study involved 235 people aged 24 to 60 who were asked to answer 56 questions of socio-psychological questionnaire. Results of the study demonstrate the collective frustration and inner tension of the Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region, which shows the prevalence of intolerance among indigenous population to visitors from other countries, expressed in rejection of "foreigners".

Negative attitude towards migrants reflects pendency of many social and economic problems of the inhabitants of the host country (region, city), the solution of which will help to reduce the migration phobia and formation of acceptance, respect and tolerance for each other among the indigenous population and migrants, that will allow them to live together within a single living space.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.