Influence of Organizational Leadership on Knowledge Transfer in Construction

  •  Katun Idris    
  •  Kherun N. Ali    
  •  Aliagha U. Godwin    


Organizations are becoming more cognizant that transferring the supremacy of knowledge in business is precarious to attaining reasonable modifications. This research investigates the significant role of organizational leadership on knowledge transfer in the multinational construction organization in Nigeria. Thus, this research was based on the multinational construction organization as a result of their technological advancement on knowledge management, knowledge transfer and development process. The research study adopted empirically validated measures’ variables and established a hypothetical framework that links organizational leadership with knowledge transfer variables. 220 survey questionnaires were distributed to knowledge workers of 35 multinational construction organization, and the research validated the framework with structural equation modeling (SEM). The factor’s loadings for the variables measures were significant and Cronbash Alpha factors of 0.903 and 0.747 for organizational leadership and knowledge transfer respectively was achieved. The research finding display that organizational leadership demonstrated significant influence on knowledge transfer.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.