Social-Communicative Innovations in Anti-Corruption Activities (Regional Aspect)

  •  Ludmila Stanislavovna Leontieva    
  •  Tatiana Viktorovna Khalilova    
  •  Liliana Faybergovna Gaynullina    
  •  Alexander Igorevich Khalilov    


The essence and character of implementation of social communications technologies in the process ofanti-corruption activities of organs of power and civil society have been analyzed. The authors based theirresearch on the social communications approach and the “Corruption formula” determined by R.Klitgaard.Based on the analysis of the results opinion surveys, dissatisfaction of the population with the outcomes ofanti-corruption policy carried out by the government, demand for transition from declarativity of the principle oftransparency of the government to open data, to expansion of anti-corruption enforcement initiated by citizenshave been acknowledged. To solve the problems detected integrative communication technologies have been suggested.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.