Competence-Based Approach to the HR Management Using in Industrial Branch

  •  Sergei Mikhailovich Gorlov    
  •  Natalia Vyacheslavovna Lazareva    
  •  Victor Alexandrovich Fursov    


In the article the nature of the competence-based approach towards the formation of an effective system of staffmanagement was revealed. The aim of this article is to justify a new competence-based model to staffmanagement using in industrial branch and its application at the Russian industrial enterprises. The authorspresent their version of a competency Model. Characteristic feature of the presented Model of competencies foremployees of industrial enterprises is that it is built on the basis of blocks, which are called clusters ofcompetencies. Each cluster of competencies has its levels - set of related behavioral indicators that represent thestandards of behavior of a person who has a specific competence. As many authors believe, the application ofthis model will allow managing the staff more effectively, including the stage of selection of a right candidate fora specific position. As a result, organizations will receive the information necessary for the deployment ofpersonnel at the workplace, as well as correction of goals of new employees’ development. The model givenbelow will allow compensating for missing competencies and promote the most promising employees. Thus,introduction of the competence model will enhance the productivity of labor of each worker, will make possiblean active professional growth and will help the disclosure of labor potential.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.