The Problems of the Mythological Personages in the Ancient Turkic Literature

  •  Abdibek Zhanar    
  •  Aimukhambet Zhanat    
  •  Abylkhamitkyzy Rysgul    
  •  Abdimomynov Nurtas    


The article deals with the problems of mythological personages in literature and culture of the Turkic peoples. Itis known that the tribes of Turkic ancient epochs formed the nomad culture. And the basic core of this culturewas the mythology. Since ancient times, the Turkic state called themselves “people chosen by God”, as it wasevidenced by the information from the ancient runic writings. In the Yenisei runic it was called a state. Thisancient mythological cycle is an integral part of the public cult of the Turk Empire. Descendants of “Kokturk”that first led a nomadic life, settled along the endless expanses from Mongolia to Europe, interacting with manynations, interpenetrating in a different environment, adopting their culture; some of them got accustomed to asedentary lifestyle. Turkic tribes, known in history books under the general title ‘the Turk Khanate’, later beganto found their own state and form their own history and literature. In the process of investigation the authorsrevealed their scientific viewpoints and hypotheses, compared and generalized them.

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