On the Content of the Young Child’s Right to Health

  •  Lihong Zhang    


The early childhood period, as an independent and special part, determines the characteristics of the content ofthe young child’s right to health. Combined with the rights theory and the living conditions and developmentquestions about the young children, the content of the young child’s right to health can be divided into the rightto eutocia, the right to food, the right to space and the right to sports etc. Focused on the content of the youngchild’s right to health is not only to widen the field of the research of the right to health, but also to provide atheoretical basis to legislation for safeguarding the young child's health. Though the object and scope of thisresearch focus on the context of Mainland China, its conclusion and analytical framework which is also fittingfor other country's children, especially for the children of the other developing country has a universal use forreference and direction.

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