Sound-grapheme-color Associativity in Komi-permyak Language (Vowels)

  •  Svetlana Sergeevna Shlyakhova    


The article deals with preliminary results of experimental investigation of the sound-grapheme-color associativity of vowels in Komi-Permyak language. The obtained data on Komi-Permyak language is interpreted in the context of data in Russian, English and other Romano-Germanic languages, obtained using the same procedure. It is established, that the sound-grapheme-color associativity of graphons A [a] and O [o] presents a universal phenomenon with high degree of probability. The relative dependence of color associativity of vowels on the initial consonant and the following vowel in color denomination was established. It was established that Komi-Permyak graphons do not have stable and regular link with colors, the names of which are borrowed. It is possible to assume that the letters of the native language are connected with the original color denominations. A tendency of Komi-Permyak vowels, being attracted to chromatic color grade (red, blue, yellow), is revealed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.