Parenthetical-modal Type of Using Finite Verbs in the Russian Language

  •  Victor Vasilievich Shigurov    
  •  Tatyana Alexeevna Shigurova    


The objective of the research work is simultaneous studying the process of modalation as a type of stepped transposition of linguistic units from verbs into the inter-part-of-speech semantic-syntactic category of modal verbs. The author carried out a complex analysis of functional modalation of verbs in the first person singular by the example of the word-from I consider, defined semantic prerequisites, syntactic conditions, attributes and stages of its transposition into modal words. The research showed that finite verbs of the type I consider retain a lively semantic connection with the original lexemes in two-member and one-member parenthetical constructions. With the method of opposition and scale of transitivity, it was possible to reveal the syncretism of properties of the verb and modal words in the structure of linguistic units at different stages of their modalation. The results of the research can be used when composing the Russian transposition grammar.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.