Influence of Shyness, Uncertainty Avoidance, and Risk Taking on University Students’ Academic Achievement: A Path Analysis

  •  Abdulhameed S. Hassan    


The current study aimed to investigate whether the samples academic achievement can be predicted by the direct and indirect influences of the independent variables: shyness, uncertainty avoidance, and risk taking. The sample consisted of two groups: 77 Omani university students, and 68 non-Omani university students. The study applied Darwish’s (2000) uncertainty avoidance scale, and Goss, Gilbert & Allan (1994) shame scale (ISS), while the risk taking scale was constructed by the researcher. Additionally, path analysis was used to test the study hypotheses. Results concluded that shyness (5%, p < .01), uncertainty avoidance (5%, p < .01), and risk taking (16%, p < .01) were all significant negative predictors of academic achievement. As for gender and nationality, results did not indicate an influence on academic achievement (p >.05).


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.