Professional Ideas as Factor of Attitude towards Performed Activity

  •  Evgeny Ivanovich Rogov    
  •  Evgenia Evgenievna Rogova    


Psychological aspects of functioning between professionals and amateurs are compared in the article. The differences between professionals and amateurs depending on ethnic characteristics, type of activity, professional environment itself are shown. It is revealed that ideas developed in the subject’s consciousness towards carrying out activity define the peculiarities of its realization and form the demonstration of the corresponding behavior reactions. For professionals it is typical to render about activity as hard, difficult, intensive and responsible work that leads to the clear regulation of its aims and tasks, domination of professional behavior. Positive emotions, attitude towards activity as interesting, actively manifold, giving interesting contacts prevail in the ideas of amateurs, and it can cause revealing of carelessness, dreaminess, bustling.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.