Development Tactic of Reformation System by Competitiveness of the Enterprise

  •  Elena Alexsandrovna Nikitina    
  •  Anatoly Andreevich Rudychev    


To provide for an enterprise’s own survival in the long-term, it is necessary for its goods (services) to be interesting to buyers to make them to give money for those, and also they should be more interesting to the buyers than the same or similar consumer quality products (services) manufactured by other companies.Thus, managerial decisions with regard to production and sales of products should be based on full knowledge of market factors and taken with account of the impact that these decisions may have on the market. The results of this analysis have a direct impact on the adoption of an optimal decision associated with the following: formation of assortment programs; renewal of products; change in the specificity of the enterprise; change in the profile of production; ensuring timely sale of products; obtaining necessary investments for the development of production on beneficial terms, etc.

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