Methods for Developing Technological Thinking Skills in the Pupils of Profession-oriented Schools

  •  Zyamil Gazizovich Nigmatov    
  •  Iyudmila Nikolaevna Nugumanova    


The urgency of the problem under investigation is due to the fact that technological thinking skills are today one of the important conditions of polytechnic education and professional orientation of the pupils of different types of schools. Technological thinking contributes to the development of pupils’ innovative and inventive abilities, as well as promotes the scientific level of education. The purpose of the current article is to reveal different methods for developing technological thinking skills of the pupils of contemporary profession-oriented schools. These methods are based on the development laws of the features of profession-oriented schools and are focused on the pupils, prone to technological activities. The authors conclude that the considered training methods and techniques stimulate the development of technological thinking skills of the pupils, as well as spark their interest in technological, encourage the broad scientific and cognitive activity that characterizes general labor education of profession-oriented schoolchildren.

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