The Mechanism of the State Regulation of Sustainable Development of Rural Areas

  •  Elena Georgievna Kovalenko    
  •  Tatyana Mihailovna Polushkina    
  •  Olga Yurievna Yakimova    


The sustainable development of rural areas is a factor of national security in modern Russia. Existing measures of state support are aimed at modernization of agricultural production with the purpose of overcoming the systemic crisis of agriculture and ensuring food security of the country. The effectiveness of measures aimed at social development of rural areas has led to some strengthening of social infrastructure, but had no significant impact on the depopulation of the rural population due to the high natural attrition and migration, the cause of which lies in low quality of rural life and unpopularity of rural lifestyle and agricultural labor. The solution of mentioned problems in most regions of the country necessitates revision of the current policy of sustainable development of rural areas. The present study argues the main drawbacks of the implemented state programs and represents suggestions for improvement of the mechanism of the state regulation of sustainable development of rural areas in Russia.

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