Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development of Enterprise Structures

  •  Vladimir Semenovich Balabanov    
  •  Anna Vladimirovna Balabanova    
  •  Mihail Nikolaevich Dudin    


This article aims to study the relationship between social responsibility of business and sustainable development of enterprise structures in the current economic conditions. In the course of the research, the authors determined that: sustainable development of enterprise structures is determined by many influencing factors, localized both in the external and internal environment of an enterprise structure; sustainable development of enterprise structures cannot be achieved without the growth of business social responsibility. Social responsibility of business is integration of social and environmental problems, solved by enterprise structures in interaction with stakeholders; enterprise structures and stakeholders mutually influence each other, but this influence is not identical in strength. Sustainable development of enterprise structures depends to greater extent on influence of owners (owners of capital), competitors, public authorities; in the medium term, as the world's evolutionary problems accumulate, requirements for social responsibility of business will continue to grow. Requirements for energy efficiency management of various economic activities will play a significant role in this tendency.

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