Labour Socialization of Young People in Today’s Russia: The Specificity of Sociological Discourse

  •  Anna Vladimirovna Vereshchagina    
  •  Yuri Grigorievich Volkov    
  •  Dmitry Valeryevich Krotov    
  •  Roman Aleksandrovich Ukolov    


The paper considers the problem of labour socialization in the light of theoretical approaches, ideas and concepts existing in scientific literature. This problem is one of the most topical in modern Russian sociology of youth. The socialization of modern Russian society deals with various risks and hazards which form a crisis background for the labour socialization of Russian youth. While being studied this background causes different viewpoints to the development of professional values of young people, the specificity of their self-determination and behaviour in work sphere. The authors suppose that, at the level of sociological reflection, it is essential to develop alternative methodological strategies to study youth labour socialization, the state of main labour education agents of Russian young generation and the reconstitution strategy for the efficient system of labour socialization. This system should become a basis for moral and spiritual development of young people and labour potential of the country. The theory of creativity is an important methodological base for the study of labour socialization of young people in the author’s concept. This theory determines the essence of a perfect labour socialization model for youth. If implemented, it can promote not only the efficient labour socialization of Russian young generations but also the swift modernization of Russian society.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.