Lexico-Grammatical Principle of Verbal Lexemes Description (on the Material of the Russian Language)

  •  Jamilia Nasykhovna Mustafina    
  •  Yevguenya Mikhailovna Maklakova    
  •  Svetlana Olegovna Magfurova    


This article discusses the functions of grammar in relation to lexical semantics and sets out to undertake lexico-grammatical analysis of some physiological verbs in the Russian language. It demonstrates the interaction of lexical and grammatical senses of a word in its structure on a specific language material. The verbs under discussion are: yest' (eat), pit' (drink), lechit' (treat), beremenet' (get pregnant), bolet' (be ill). This research is conducted by using descriptive-analytic method. It is worthwhile to find out to what extent verbal meanings can be presented through the system of grammatical categories. Lexico-grammatical characteristics of verbs with physiological meaning are presented within seven groups. Russian verbs have a number of categories which are not often taken into account in dictionaries. An attempt which brings together grammatical and semantic aspects of the verbs in a dictionary is made in this paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.