State of Public Sector of Moscow Region Agriculture in 1940-1942s

  •  Andrey Anatolevich Androsov    
  •  Alexander Alekseevich Fedulin    
  •  Vadim Vadimovich Kortunov    


For the first time in Russian historiography public economic setup in the Soviet agriculture in 1940-1942s has been analyzed basing on unknown archive materials. Most attention was paid to historiography of this subject, new methods applied by contemporary historians in research of rural economy of this period have been mentioned. Specific challenges that arose in the process and as a result of evacuation of sovkhoz' (state farms) and machine and tractor stations' (MTS) property, preparation to spring sowing in realization of On self-reliance directive of All-Russian party of Bolsheviks have been analyzed. The conclusion about the reasons and consequences of unreadiness of governing bodies to evacuation and spring sowing has been made.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.