The Moderating Role of Advance Manufacturing Technology (AMT) On the Relationship between LARG-Supply Chain and Supply Chain Performance

  •  Raghed Esmaeel    
  •  Inda Sukati    
  •  Noriza Jamal    


Supply-chain management (SCM) is considered one of the essential parts of international marketplaces. SCM comprises a number of paradigms such as Lean, Agile, Resilient, and Green (LARG). This research explains that an advanced manufacturing technology has a significant effect on the relationship between LARG-supply chain (SC), and SC performance. The correlation variables LARG-SC and supply SC performance is identified. A suitable theory is also investigated. This study utilizes several library entrances toward assembly knowledge. The framework of research is to determine each variable, which comprises independent variables, moderators, and dependent variables.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.