Economics of Quality - The Basis of Innovative Development and Ensuring the Quality of Life

  •  Vladimir Valentinovich Okrepilov    
  •  Makarov Valery Leonidovich    


In modern conditions innovation is the main determining factor for social and economic development of Russia.First of all this is because of globalization processes occurring in the world. In terms of economics, globalizationis transformation of the world space into a single area where information, goods and services, capital move freely,where ideas and their carriers are disseminated without difficulty, encouraging the development of moderninstitutions and debugging mechanisms of their interaction. Formation of a single (common) internationaleconomic space inevitably leads to the formation of a single legal, cultural and information space. Suchtransformations result in the process of approaching of consumer preferences and the universalization of therange of the offered products all over the world (based on standardization), during which global products replacethe local ones (created taking into account conditions and preferences of local consumers). Single informationspace of globalized economy stimulates acceleration and simplification of transfer of management technologyand experience. All this contributes to the intensification of international competition, and consequently todeeper specialization and international division of labor, which cannot but cause the growth of production at bothnational and global levels.

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