Special Considerations of the Financial Investment in Russia

  •  Roman V. Kolupaev    
  •  Lyubov I. Rogacheva    
  •  Anna V. Moskalenko    
  •  Irina V. Ulrikh    
  •  Tatyana A. Mikhailova    


The article describes special considerations of the financial investment in Russia. Based on the results of theresearch conducted, it is noted that diversification, rational attitude to risk, forecasting and insurance provide alltogether the best solutions for any kind of investment in the Russian Federation. Investing in Russia is alwayssubject to different risks. Thus, solutions to possible problems should be reflected in the so-called risk list. Thisdocument should be developed directly before investing and should include all risks most common to a certainscope of investment. Also, it is necessary to assess potential losses and provide ways to minimize them.

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