The Innovative Business Model Canvas in the System of Effective Budgeting

  •  Mikhail Nikolaevich Dudin    
  •  Georgiy Nikolaevich Kutsuri    
  •  Irina Jur'evna Fedorova    
  •  Svetlana Sozrykoevna Dzusova    
  •  Anzhela Zafitovna Namitulina    


This paper is aimed at studying the fundamentals for effective budgets on the basis of management conceptcalled The Business Model Canvas. Management of the enterprise in modern conditions must be adaptive andoriented to the future. This allows not only to formulate a long-term development path, but also to solve a set ofcurrent and short-term functional aspects of the management. Among the main functional aspects that requireattention, leading are aspects of cash management of the enterprise. Using the concept of management "businessmodel canvas" allows the company to plan comprehensively their activities and its main financial resultsdepending on the variability of the influence of external and internal factors, system modeling strength anddirection of the effect of these factors as part of this management concept. This enables the company to not onlyincrease the level of revenue and profits, but also to ensure the proper level of orientation on the client tomaintain the competitiveness and sustainability of the business.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.