The Role of Science as a Factor of Integration of Countries in the Context of Globalization

  •  Vera Afanasievna Stolyarova    
  •  Sergey Vasilievich Kupriyanov    
  •  Zlata Vladislavovna Stolyarova    
  •  Heidi Francklin Damiao Saldanha    
  •  Rovin Adrian Sukhraj    


Geopolitical situation in the world today is resigned to the active influence of globalization processes. In turn,they can develop in opposite directions. On the one hand it implies the openness of economies, the fusion ofcultural and social spheres, on the other hand it demonstrates the localization of the competitive advantages ofindependent states. This localization is caused by uneven distribution of economic resources in a wide range offactors: natural, physical, geographical, social, historical, ethnic and others. Consequently, diversification ofeconomic structure of countries on a number of ranking prejudge their macroeconomic indicators that forms thecurrent multi-level system.

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