Perception of Political Subjectivity on the Internet: Results of the Cross-national Cluster Analysis in the USA, United Kingdom, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, China, the Republic of South Africa

  •  Vladimir Dmitrievich Nechaev    
  •  Elena Victorovna Brodovskaya    
  •  Anna Yurievna Dombrovskaya    


The paper presents the preliminary results of the cluster analysis devoted to the national databases research of theWorld Internet Project – 2012 in Russia, Sweden, China, United Kingdom, Mexico, USA and the Republic ofSouth Africa. The purpose of cluster analysis is to classify the respondents in accordance to the characteristics ofthe perception of political subjectivity on the Internet. Social profiles of different user groups in selectedcountries can help to identify different national strategies of political activities in the “World Wide Web”.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.