Conflict Potential of Interethnic Relations and Migration Processes in the Russian Regions: Ethnoinstitutional Methodology of Analyses

  •  Elena Yurievna Bazhenova    
  •  Anton Vladimirovich Serikov    
  •  Irina Borisovna Serikova    
  •  Darya Nikolaevna Stukalova    


The article defines ethnoinstitutional factors in migration and interethnic relations. Ethnic institutions(ethnoinstituions) are regarded as stable complexes of individual and collective behavioral norms andmotivations, mediated by ethnic culture and identity. The article shows that the conflict potential of migration isprimarily associated with incompatibility of host and arriving population ethnoinstitutions. It is necessary todevelop transmitting institutions to reduce the conflict potential of interethnic relations. Such institutions shouldbe able to “translate” ethnoinstitutional requirements of the host community in the form which will motivatemigrants to accept the local rules and behavior patterns.

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