Assessment and Management of Factors of the Regional Investment Potential

  •  Irina Mikhailovna Golaydo    
  •  Yuliya Pavlovna Soboleva    


The article is devoted to the questions of the territory investment potential valuation. It is the valuation system ofdistinctions in territories characteristics and their comparisons that are especially actual and necessary forinvestors as territories differ in labour, financial, natural and other resources, and various conditions created forinvestors by governing bodies. The article suggests the solution of this problem by calculating a total evaluativeindicator, that is, territory investment potential. The authors of article present the analysis results of a number ofvarious valuation techniques of investment potential, and mark the main advantages and disadvantages ofexisting approaches and valuation techniques. In the article the author's technique of valuation of territoryinvestment potential is suggested. It is based on the analysis of factors influencing investment potential. Thetechnique takes into account inflationary, political and social risks because stable political, economic and socialsituation is important for an investor. On the basis of the technique developed by the authors investmentpotential of a separate territory was calculated and forecasted.

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