Ranking and Selection of Strategies to Manage Services of Electricity Retail Sales

  •  Ljiljana Alekseevna Sosunova    
  •  Yulia Medvedeva    
  •  Rafael Abdulov    
  •  Vladimir Alekseevich Koshelev    
  •  Sergey Victorovich Noskov    


The target of the work is grounding, ranking and selection of strategies to manage services of electricity retailers.The analysis of the dynamics of economic indicators of the electricity supplying company and the economic andmathematical analysis of its financial multiplier to determine the influencing factors were carried out. The chartsof targets and strategies to manage the services for the electricity sale to the end customers and additionalservices were suggested. Economic and mathematical relationships of the change in targets for the services forelectricity sale and additional services from changes in the volume of attracted funds by functional managementstrategies were defined. A method to rank strategies to manage the services of electricity supplying companies interms of their effectiveness was developed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.