Entrepreneurial Barriers Faced by Disabled in India

  •  Ahmar Mohammed    
  •  Syed Jamil    


India has witnessed high economic growth rates in the past two decades and there has been a remarkable increase in the per capita income. But unfortunately many sections of the Indian population still remain economically deprived. Disabled persons though constitute a small part of the Indian population but their relative numbers are growing. Disabled lag behind in terms of education and employment which results in poverty. For equitable distribution of wealth and prosperity among all sections of population inclusive growth is necessary. The challenge is therefore not only to achieve higher economic growth rates but also to focus on economic inclusion so that all sections of the society are able to take advantage of opportunities. Promoting entrepreneurship among the disabled is a way to achieve faster and better economic integration. This paper highlights the barriers faced by entrepreneurs with disabilities. Also the paper tries to find out if these barriers are different than those faced by other entrepreneurs. Finally this paper highlights what steps can be taken to prevail over the various types of barriers being faced by disabled entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Disabilities, Inclusive Growth, Barriers, Economic Integration

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