The Language of Music as a Specific Semiotic Structure

  •  Tatiana Vladimirovna Lazutina    
  •  Nicolay Konstantinovich Lazutin    


This work has appeared due to the interest to the semiotic problems of musical art and wish to understand thenature of music and its language as a specific type of creating symbols. Within the framework of semiotics of theculture the article analyses the semiotic system (from the simplest signals to more complicated systems -symbols) which function in music. The concept of investigation is determined by the understanding of musiclanguage as a specific artificial language which uses diverse symbolic formations for transferring specificinformation. The central problem of the work was to reveal the nature of music language existence as acomplicated semiotic structure. The investigation of the specific nature of music existence which uses thedeveloped system of axiological orientations is not only of theoretical interest but is also of great appliedsignificance. The studying of the music language problem allows to investigate questions connected with thesearch of the specific nature of semiotic formations used in the art; this pushes forward the development of bothgeneral and musical semiotics.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.