Multi-period Model for Selection of Stakeholder Engagement Strategies of the Company

  •  Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Gresko    
  •  Konstantin Sergeevich Solodukhin    


The present study proposes a multi-period model for selection of the most suitable types of engagementstrategies of the company with different stakeholders in the context of uncertainty (risk). In the model considereda number of scenarios under which relationships of the company with the stakeholder groups vary periodically.For each scenario periodically predicted the dynamics of changes in the characteristics of such relations, andcalculated weighing coefficients of applicability of the type of engagement strategy of the company with eachstakeholder group. Coefficients obtained are reduced to integral coefficients based on which, using a generalizedcriterion that combines the expected value and the mean squared deviation, made the decision on the choice of aparticular type of engagement strategies of the company with each stakeholder. This approach allows to selectand rank the Pareto-optimal set of types of strategies and delimit the risk tolerance of the decision maker. Themodel also provides a method of selecting the most suitable type of strategy based on the expected utilitycriterion. The advantage of the proposed model is that it takes into account the risk tolerance of thedecision-maker.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.