Identification and Alignment of Regional Typological Differences by the Level of Development of the Banking Industry and the Intensity of Its Interaction with the Non-financial Sector of the Economy of Territories

  •  Irina Viktorovna Taranova    
  •  Ekaterina Leonidovna Putrenok    
  •  Anzhelika Tagirovna Aydinova    
  •  Timofei Jurievich Cherepuhin    


The slowdown of economic development noticed on the national and regional levels has complex nature andmultiple determinants. Currently, the Russian national banking regulator conducts active policy to reduce thenumber of unreliable entities in the banking industry in order to improve governance and transparency ofbanking activities in the regions. At the regional level, "gray" schemes of banking activities prevail, whichultimately affects the level of development of meso-economic systems, the dynamics and nature of their "drift"toward the use of informal mechanisms of economic development. Based on this, adoption of appropriatemanagerial decisions in the regional banking policy requires identifying not only the mesolevel specificity of thebanking industry development, but also its role in the interaction with other sectors of the local economy.Verification of the hypothesis to be discussed about the fact that the multivariate empirical evaluation of thedegree of development of the banking industry in regions and its territorially expansionist andaddictive-convergent capacity in the intersectoral collaboration can be a significant information-analytical basisfor the development and adjustment of the directions of regulatory and control measures in the banking industryat the regional level by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, requires development of an appropriatemethodology, which determines the significance of the work for the science and practice. Based on this, the goalof this research is to develop effective teaching approaches to the identification of interregional differences in thelevel of development of the banking industry and to formulate recommendations to eliminate the identifieddifferentiation. As a result of solution of the raised logical and methodical problem, the recommendations oforganizational, applied, and analytical nature regarding identification of interregional asymmetry in the degree ofdevelopment of the banking industry of the local economy were substantiated, and the policy-targetedapproaches to reduction of the identified differentiation were formulated.

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