System of Regions Management in the Circumstances of the Geopolitical Competition: Priorities of the Modernization Development

  •  Popov Alexander Vasilyevich    
  •  Volkov Yuri Grigorievich    
  •  Guskov Igor Alexandrovich    
  •  Khunagov Rashid Dumalichevich    
  •  Posukhova Oxana Yuryevna    
  •  Khachetsukov Zaur Makhmudovich    


The article examines the role of the regions management system in the implementation of modernizationdevelopment in the context of the geopolitical competition. Russian regions welcome modernization, especiallyon the socio-economic level, as they need investments to address the current socio-economic and socialproblems, to borrow advanced technology, and to become spaces of social stability. The authors believe that themodernization project in modern Russia is possible in the context of transition to the regional level, which isassociated both with the modernization capacity of regions management and with the use of regional scenarios ofmodernization development. In authors’ opinion, this allows reducing the financial and organizational burden onthe Federal Center, increasing the responsibility of the management system, and providing its performance withthe necessary degree of competence and flexibility.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.