Investigation of Teacher Job-Performance Model: Organizational Culture, Work Motivation and Job-Satisfaction

  •  Wesly Hutabarat    


The research is intended to develop a Teacher Job-performance Model by considering causal relationship between teacher job-performance determinants i.e. Organizational Culture, Organizational Structure, and Work Motivation.

It was found that path coefficient of organizational culture to work motivation is 0.333 at a significant level of < 0.05 and F = 17.553, where Fcalc.> F1/141= 3.908, at α < 0.05. In addition, path coefficients of organizational culture and work motivation to job-satisfaction are 0.225, and 0.263 respectively at a significant level of < 0.05 and F = 13.224, where Fcalc.> F2/140= 3.061, at α < 0.05. Furthermore, path coefficients of organizational culture, work motivation and job-satisfaction to job-performanc are 0.269, 0.236, and 0.193 respectively at a significant level of < 0.05, and F = 17.261, where Fcalc.> F3/139= 2.669, at α < 0.05. Finally, indirect effect of organizational culture on job-satisfaction and job-peformance through work motivation is 0.087, and 0.078 respectively. It is concluded that the Model suggested fits with data collected, as a result, it can be used for perdicting teacher job-performance, including teacher promotions and feedback for improving teacher performance.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.