The Cultural Impact of Tourism Development in a Dong Hoa Hiep Local Community, Cai Be District, Vietnam

  •  Le Thi To Quyen    
  •  Pinraj Khanjanusthiti    


This study determined local residents’ attitudes towards the cultural impact of tourism development on a local community at Dong Hoa Hiep village, Tien Giang Province, Vietnam, by using questionnaires and in depth interviews. According to 400 surveyed respondents and people interviewed, the results indicate positive attitudes towards the cultural impact of tourism. The findings reveal that the residents’ heighten pride and appreciation of their community identities and tourism helps the village preserve traditional festivals, and local cuisines. Besides, Tran Van Kiet and Phan Van Duc ancient houses were restored authentically originally by JICA project. Nevertheless, some negative impact should be noted such as the breakdown of the traditional, extended family structure. Due to the high cost of original wood and skilled craftsmen those home owners not involved in tourism often restore buildings using inappropriate materials. Although tourism doesn’t have a direct impact on milk crackers (a type of traditional cake handicrafts), this craft is currently vulnerable due to the high price of raw materials and lack of consumer markets and shortage of tourists. The knowledge of how to make milk crackers may be forgotten by young generations.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.