The Tradition for Spiritual Learning (Tariqat) through a Sequence of Holy Phrases (Tijaniyah): The Case of Darussalam Boarding School

  •  Aceng Kosasih    


Indonesia has several courses for tasawwuf. These courses focus on the teaching of the inwardness of Islam. Each course has its own specifications. Against this background, the present study describes some of the tasawwuf courses in Indonesia which are considered to promote spiritual learning through the teaching of holy phrases (Tariqat-Tijaniyah), and it is these courses that are provided by most Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia, including the Darussalam Boarding School in Brebes. The study focuses on the social situation at this boarding school, especially the male section of Tijaniyah in Brebes. The study employs a qualitative approach with the help of an analytical method. Different types of dzikir and their contents are described, and the duties of male scholars as part of the Tijaniyah community are explored.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.