The Application of Functional Tenor in Ideology Inculcation---Analysis of English News Report Register

  •  Fengshuang Cui    


In this paper, functional tenor is modified into a set of discursive strategies which conceptualize the institution relation established between addressors/writers and addressees/readers through the choices of a systemic-functional kind, where participants in the process in any instance are engaged in a series of negotiations, during which the addressor/writer inclines to orient the addressee/reader toward certain field and, at the same time, certain ideological idea, etc. To put it simply, through constructing certain kind of relationship between addressors/writers and addressees/readers, the addressors/writers can facilitate the ideology to the addressees/readers. The main function of news report is the ideology instilment. Functional tenor plays a central role in the ideology inculcation. This paper testifies how the functional tenor facilitate ideology inculcation by the news report register.

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