Cultural Intelligence: New Directions for Research in Asia

  •  Shanker Menon    
  •  lakshmi Narayanan    


Cultural intelligence is a relatively new area in cross-cultural research. In this paper we describe the construct of cultural intelligence (Cultural Quotient, CQ) and examine the need for more research on cultural intelligence in Asia. We propose that there are many areas that need to be examined as there is a dearth of research in the Asian countries on this subject. We identify specific cultural contexts and environments in Asia where future research on CQ could be done and justify why these specific cultural contexts in Asia may be relevant to CQ research. Four important areas that need to be examined, the measurement of CQ, CQ and its relation to culture-specific variables, CQ and Emotional labor and CQ Education and Training in Asia are briefly discussed. Some recommendations and new directions for future research which will enhance the knowledge basefor both CQ theory and CQ practice in Asia are also discussed.



This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.