Islamic Credit Card: Are Demographic Factors a Good Indicator?

  •  Norudin Mansor    
  •  Azman Che Mat    


This study investigates on the relationship between demographic factors and the usage of Islamic credit card as well as Conventional credit card demonstrates their interdependencies. The debatable issues as been addressed by many authorities not only in terms of the numbers of credit card flooding the nation’s economy, but the amount of transactions that end up with payment default and the numbers of credit card fraud as been recorded which threatened the economy should be seriously focused. Nevertheless the advances and changing habits in purchasing activities significantly contributed the diffusion of credit card as becoming more important and relevant in maintaining the purchasing activities. The study was conducted involving 305 respondents as a sample of study. While 26 items were used for addressing the research questions. Section A of the questionnaire seeks for information concerning the demographic profile of the respondents whilst section B and C that used Likert scale aimed to investigate information related to income and usage of credit card. The results of the study offer certain important managerial implications for the policy makers, finance institutions and the authorities bodies that take controls the credit card activities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.