Industrial Region: Evolutionary and Innovational Ways of Creation of Competitive Advantages

  •  Eugeny Mihajlovich Krasavin    
  •  Raisa Aleksandrovna Krasavina    


The paper presents competitiveness of the region as a dynamically-oriented system with a specific definition of objectives and adaptive “internal” environment. The long-term dynamics of competitiveness “external” environment is related with the theory of “major cycles” by N. D. Kondratyev through a contradictory influence of the “state” and “development” factors on the territorial productive powers with specified “growth points” and development stages. Structural model of competitiveness of the region is presented as interactive “center of perspectives” and “productive periphery” with effective feedback. Algorithm of transition from the basic competitiveness to the growth one based on qualitative and quantitative changes in efficiency of applied labour under multiple influences is specified in the paper. Possible formation of the regional competitiveness by evolutionary and innovational ways in terms of industrial region with intended effects from specific implementation of competitive advantages is shown herein.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.