Socio-philosophical Substantiation of Making Good Use of Intellectual and Creative Resources in a Teachers’ Training Institution of Higher Education

  •  Elena Nikolaevna Rodina    
  •  Elena Nikolaevna Chekushkina    


The article dwells upon the experience of organizing out-of-school work of the Chair of Philosophy at Mordovian State Teachers’ Training Institute named after M. E. Evseviev. The work is based on operation of a students’ philosophic research club. The main goal of club’s activities is to form social, cognitive, informative competency of personality achieved by means of development of scientific thinking, creativity, tolerance, sociability, humanism; to integrate the students’ group and create a team based on joint scientific activities that contribute to further use of working skills in professional communities. This kind of work is organized as an addition to in-class work for solving topical issues of forming students’ professional competency in a teachers’ training institute of higher education.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.